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“Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. I’m Rob Gutierrez, glad to have you ‘aboard.’ I’ve been playing flight simulator games for years now and… Wow! Technology has advanced far since Ace Combat was first launched on PS I. Internet based flight simulators and virtual flight colleges are the “in-thing” today. Airplane games on the web these days allow you to make your own virtual air carriers, launch your own services, fly a variety of airplanes starting from cargo planes to Boeings and fighter jets.

With the type of speed that flight simulation games are developing, there certainly lies an thrilling future in front of us and it would be in truth fascinating to follow the trajectory of this industry in the following one decade or so. There is no doubt flight simulation games online are clearly becoming ever greater, and I have research the best flight simulator games online, and I want to give you a solid review on each of the 3, hottest Flight Simulator games online right now – the beginning of 2012.

I have played all 3, and I will not only give you an honest, hands-on review of each, but I’m also going to provide personal insights along the way. If you have any question at all, or if you need support in any way, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at support@flight-simulator-games-online.com”

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