Are You Scared Of Flying?

There are a few fears in life that defy reason. Fear of spiders might be one, fear of being stuck in a lift is another, and maybe a dread of flying is another. Every day thousands of planes take off around the world, carrying millions of flyers safely to their destination. Flying is one of the least dangerous, if not the least dangerous, form of travel there is. It is far more safe compared to getting in the vehicle, yet over one third of the populace still report a dread of flying. If you would like to learn how to overcome fear of flying then you might need to try hypnosis or attend a fear of flying course. Plenty of the top level airlines run these courses that are built to familiarize you with being on a plane in a secure environment so you can become used to what it is like before you fly in reality.

Folk cite many concerns when they talk about their fear of flying. Many report a scarcity of confidence in the air traffic control system and fear that a simple mistake on the ground can end up in catastrophe in the air. Then there are fears of mechanical problems with the aeroplane itself. The general public saw the footage of the concord crash several years back and when you are sitting on an aeroplane, one or two feet from the enormous jet engines humming gradually, it seems awfully hard to believe that nothing could mess up with such a machine. In fact the very shape and appearance of airplanes does very little to create confidence in passengers who already are doubtful about the airworthiness of the plane.

Then there are the news stories and press attention of the worries of deep vein thrombosis.

The simple fact of the situation but is that flying is extremely safe. It is one of the wonders of technology that air travel, with all of the multitude of potential failures, keep delivering flight after flight, on time and without a hitch. Actually in contrast to most all other kinds of travel, air travel is becoming safer and safer every year.

The statistics speak for themselves. Do you know what the possibilities are of having a single fatality on a flight? Well according to the BBC, it is 1 in 16 million. That implies you are more likely to win the lottery! And in the vast majority of accidents where there are deaths, over half of the other passengers survive. What this suggests is that even if you defy all the chances and are on one of the few unfortunate flights that does crash, you are still more certain to survive than die in the accident.

Nevertheless there’s one issue with air travel that the statistical data don’t commend so highly. Delays, lost bags and missing flights are still frequent issues that plague passengers. Fortunately , all of these can be covered for with some good, thorough travel insurance.

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