Flight Simulator Plus

Today you can fly to Paris, tomorrow to Japan, the next day, who knows, maybe to the moon. Using Flight Simulator Plus you can fly to where every you want in a day. You can set out on the adventure of a lifetime just sitting at your computer.  Take Flight Simulator Plus out for a spin and see where you can go…

 Flight Simulator Plus was one of the best flight simulators I have ever flown.  The graphics impressed me and that’s hard to do, but the sheer amount of cities to visit was also very astonishing.  Compared to Microsoft Simulator X, it was a toss up which one is the best. I think they run hand-in-hand, and since I can’t decide which one I like the best, I have both of them when I feel like flying out to another city.  But you can decide for yourself.  Here’s what I found about Flight Simulator Plus.

This is the closest to a real flight SIM you can get, but what impressed me a lot was how easy it was to setup the joystick.  Several other games make it very hard to interface with hardware.  Flight Simulator Plus makes it easy.  Almost plug-n-play. Put in the configuration you want and you’re ready to take your first flight.  When you open a new launcher, it makes creating a new flight plan easy.  It works with all the different operating systems and supports more hardware than any other game I’ve played.

 Flight Simulator Plus updates you regularly with flight data and new planes and scenery.  You get an update about every week with something new you can use.  If you can’t figure out how to do something with the new updates, Flight Simulator Plus has videos of all the new features.  Just watch them to know how to use or fly anything in Flight Simulator Plus.  They also have an illustrated guide with over 100+ pages, so you can look up anything you need help with.

If all else fail, they do have a wonderful customer help desk.  They will walk you through anything you need such as setting up your sound, a custom plane, or any other problem you can’t figure out. They are one of the better help desks.

It hard to find something to complain about with Flight Simulator Plus, so the best I can do is compare it with Microsoft Simulator X.  The two are pretty close in achieving the best in flight SIMS but with Flight Simulator Plus you can feel the weather change as the rain hits your window in the plane.  Can’t do that with Simulator X, also you can’t feel the wind sheer shake your plane and jerk your controls.  You sure can with Flight Simulator Plus.  You can feel the landing gears hit the ground and hear the screech but not with SIM X.

The one thing that really makes Flight Simulator Plus an excellent simulator is the interactive flight planner you receive when you order.  As far as I know, no other SIM has a flight planner you can use with real world data from Google Maps and create your own little world to fly around in without leaving your house.  What are you waiting for?  Go for the best with Flight Simulator Plus for a flying experience you’ll only get in the United States Air Force or at NASA.