Flight Simulator Games Online

So it appears you are looking for a new flight simulator. Well, I cant say I blame you. I have used Microsoft’s flight simulators for years. I have been waiting for Microsoft flight simulator 11 to come out for quite a long time now. I gave up after they kept pushing it back, I think its been over a year now.

I did find a new flight simulator, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, and found that it was quite better than Microsoft’s older flight sims. The simulator I am using now, Pro Flight Simulator, has over a hundred planes, along with helicopters. It also has over 20,000 world airports. The graphics are great and they use actual military mapping.

Back to Microsoft flight simulator 11, I had a chance to play a demo of this. It was no better than simulator X. It did have a few more planes, airports, and better looking terrain, but overall the experience was very low. The demo I played was in beta so they will probably make a lot of changes and make it quite a bit better.

A new flight simulator game is just was I was looking for. I was so tired of the ms airplane simulator, I rarely even played it. I have also played a great number of other simulators but they just don’t deliver the real and exciting feeling that I look for in a game.

Some of the old online flight simulator games are some of the worst games I have ever played. For starters if you have a slow internet connection, you can just forget about it. Also, if there are a lot of people playing at the same time it will make the game slow and glitchy. I don’t think I even need to say much about the graphics, because they quite frankly sucked.

A new flight simulator game should have everything you need to feel like you are your own pilot. There is nothing better than being able to take off from a runway, fly where ever you want, and then land in some new airport you have never been to before. The helicopters are a lot harder for me to fly but I love being to land on rooftops and other strange places you can not normally land a plane.

If your still playing an older version of ms flight sim, you need a new flight sim. You will not believe how much better they can be. Just the features alone will shock you. So, don’t delay any longer go find a new flight sim right now. Better yet get flight sim pro.


These are 3 of the top Flight Sims and Software online today. They are very easy to use, instruction are friendly to use even your son can reach the air up there by sitting in your living room.

Family, Friends,neighbors and who else wanted to try to fly you can let them. Fly high! Feel real! and Feel free to fly your own private plane on different places you want to go.. Europe?Asia? everywhere you ever dreamed of.


The first one is the Pro Flight Simulator, the type of online flight simulator game which has lot of features, having the level of realism, 100% cockpit realistic and also the flight school simulator one. The bad side is that its cost much more that the others.

The second one is The Microsoft Flight Simulator X which is the very arcade type, lot of missions, game targeted at a general audience, the negative side is that never really ran well and Microsoft ratcheted up the graphic, have a copy this game from Amazon and eBay.

The third is Flight Simulator Plus, which is the nice and pretty cool. This game is just like Microsoft Flight Simulator X but more realistic in the flying department. Having random scenery and can fly past famous landmarks.