Pro Flight Simulator vs. Flight Simulator Plus

Just for kicks, I thought I would try another very popular simulator and compare it against Flight Simulator Plus.  The other one is Pro Flight Simulator.  They are so close in the running it was hard to decide which one I liked the best.  I have to say Flight Simulator Plus was my favorite but Pro Flight Simulator had some features I liked as well.

I thought the graphics were good in Pro Flight Simulator but the graphic in Pro Flight Simulator were better and more realistic.  They give you more of the feeling of the airports and cities, plus the flying was great.  The weather and landscapes in Pro Flight Simulator are terrific with the rain hitting the windshield, and the wind blowing you off course, or at least trying to.  Pro Flight did have more missions and airplanes, plus the maps are based on real life government issued maps.  In Flight Simulator Plus, you can control the weather.  I thought that was a neat trick.

The missions are structured to give you more of a challenge and they are goal based, some what like an arcade game.  You have to unlock the key to go on to other exciting missions. The runways at the more than 20,000 airports included lights, approach lights, that is, and precise runway markings for the taxiways and other areas of the airport. Pro Flight Simulator does have a pretty good design for learning to fly a plane. You can also share and receive real time updates.  However, you can get that with Flight Simulator Plus, too.

Flight Simulator Plus has the fastest loading time and it has a dynamic world atlas.  This simulator is the only one that has this feature.  When you compare the graphics between the two, Flight Simulator Plus wins hands downs.  It’s as close to real flying as you can get and the scenery is way more life like than any of the other simulators.  Plus, it has pilot training, real controls that look like real cockpits, and the scenery is created with real terrains.  It has 20,000 real life like airports although, they all seem to have that many, and over 150 aircrafts to choose to take your daily flight to New York City or the city of your choice.

You can fly with your friends or take a solo flight and you can control to weather. I have to say comparing all the simulators, the one I like the most and the one that is as close to real flying is Flight Simulator Plus.  But your can compare them all and make your own choice.  They do have trial versions you can try out to see that Flight Simulator Plus is the best of all the flight simulators.

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