Stirring Flight Data

The first ever flight simulation game was developed by Bruce Artwick 30 years ago. This game is called SUBLOGIC simulation. Since then, flight simulations have become the most popular type of simulation games for both hardcore and casual gamers. After thirty years, these primitive flying slickers were replaced by aviation adventures that are packed with graphics and gameplay that will literally blow your mind.

Microsoft flying simulator offers a lot of features for players, and this includes the ability of the player to design, customized, name, and choose the weapon of their aircraft. Modern flight parallel matches offer memorable flying and realistic experience.

Some conspiracy theories just won’t stop, I know I often create them for fun out of the blue? Not sure why I like to create conspiracy theories, maybe it’s more fun that writing Sci Fi? Ah ha, everything we need for suspicion, curiosity, and a full-blown – give it to me baby – conspiracy theory – oh yah!

Turns out someone read my cruise ship conspiracy theory where I said the engines were knocked out with an electromagnetic pulse weapon! Guess what someone read that article and has been investigating all this. My reader tells me “We have some good friends who were on that ship. When the engine room “caught fire”, it wasn’t just a fire…it was an explosion felt all over the ship. “

Oh this good yes! But it gets even better as my reader notes that “the most interesting part is…no one had cell phone reception after the “fire” happened…for the entire duration of the trip. The cell phones worked just prior to the fire, but not after. I’m not sure if this is due to an EMP, or, more than likely, the ship had cell phone jamming equipment on board, which is more and more common these days.”

Compared to early releases of flight games, these aviation acts even allow you to choose the map where you want to pilot your own aircraft, and battle against other pilots. Utilizing the technologically-advanced motion sensor controllers, players can have the real feeling of being inside the cockpit of an aircraft.

Who done it? Was it underwater space aliens? WOW, holy smokes, that is VERY interesting. But what if the conspiracy is real? Okay drum roll now and fade to late night mystery radio theatre background tunes, or better yet the Art Bell – George Noory “Somewhere Out There” theme song. Get down, this is cool stuff. Maybe?

Of course, the ships relay system, on-ship cell phone + satellite relay might have been taken out if the ship lost power, and those.5 watt cell phones only go a little distance and they were pretty far out to sea, so, that might be part of the cell phone question. Although you’d think the ships cell tower and communication system would be on back-up generator power, so it would seem that it would still work. Or everyone tried to call and it immediately jammed up the cell system which couldn’t take the increased traffic with everyone getting on at once.

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