Not Impossible | Landing on top and bombing other airplanes

The Worlds Hardest Flash Game of All Time

If you are a game junkie, then you are willing to try just about any type of contest that may come along on your computer. Sports games, card games, word games, even virtual reality games may pique your interest and keep you playing for a while.

The Most Frustrating and Eye-Popping Hard Flash Game

There are lots of free games available to play on the Internet. These flash games span many different genres, so you can find games of all types and all levels of difficulty. Some people want to go right for the hardest game they can find and try to tackle it.

Diego and Dora Games – Fun Activities for Kids and Adults

Almost all the kids simply love Dora and Diego. They are adorable cartoon characters from a popular television program. Kids find them to be very fascinating, and they love collecting goodies that are themed with these characters.

Truck Games That Give You the Feel of Power and Strength

Most of the kids and even elders are simply fascinated by the monster trucks, and they dream about driving those beauties. The trucks give us a feeling of power and strength. You can enjoy the thrill of driving those monsters with the truck games.

Boxing Games To Knock Your Opponents Out

All of us love watching professional boxing. It is a tough game where only the strong and the quick can survive. The game has produced great names like Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson.

Boost Up Your Strategic Power With Hex Game

Board games either real or virtual provide the much needed exercise for your brain. Their characteristics involve strategies, set of rules, aim etc. Usually, your enemy is not on the board, but the one who is your competitor i.e. Player 2. There are numerous board games that have been played by our grandparents as well during their times.

Avatar Games – Create New Characters That Are Beyond Your Imagination

The avatar games were designed in the year 1980 by Richard Garriott. The avatar or stranger saved the world in the very first game known as Ultima 1. As the game gained popularity, many new versions were released. Some of the popular ones are Ultima II, Ultima III, and a few others.

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