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X-Elerated Warcraft Guide Review – Best Wow Leveling Guide?

Looking for the best WoW leveling guide? The problem is knowing which WoW leveling guide to choose which is why the following X-elerated Warcraft Guide review will help you choose whether or not the guide meets your requirements.

Getting Started With Your First Pandaren Monk In Mists of Pandaria

In World of Warcraft, the introduction of a new race always brings with it a new starting area that is not only their homeland, but is generally filled with quests that have been carefully chosen to complement the new race. Which is why the following article will discuss getting started with your first Pandaren Monk.

Mists of Pandaria Mining Guide – Maximizing Gold From Mining In Mists of Pandaria

This article discusses strategies for making HUGE piles of gold with the mining profession in Mists of Pandaria. Any new expansion means high demand for materials and items and the savvy player knows how to capitalize on this!

World of Warcraft Monk Class Overview

The Mists of Pandaria expansion has accumulated a fast growing number of audience as the official release date nears. This article provides details about the World of Warcraft Monk class, a playable class that is released together with the expansion.

Right DPS Build for Wind Walker

Unlike any other classes in the World of Warcraft, monk is a hybrid class who is good at both attack and support. Wind Walker is the spec that is able to deal most damage comparing to the other two.

Be a Cosmetic Hunter in Mists of Pandaria New Challenge Mode

The World of Warcraft has added the new challenge mode that was requested by gamers for a long time. Time and team unity is the key to success in this mode which will reward players with cosmetic that cannot be found elsewhere.

Highest Damage Weapon for Pandaria Monk

“Mists of Pandaria” is the latest installment of the popular MMORPG “World of Warcraft.” While it changed a lot of things about the game, nothing has caught more attention than the newest player class, the monk. Monks are masters of unarmed combat styles and also Eastern herbalist healing and who can dodge and shrug off powerful blows, combining a variety of different dynamics in a single class. But what weapons will do the most damage?

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